Becoming a monthly donor means strong and steady timely funding that can allow DCRCC to respond with compassion, dignity and respect to sexual assault survivors and power a culture of consent.



Just Look at What One Monthly Gift Can Do:

$25 A gift of $25 will help cover the costs of keeping the doors open and enable us to keep seeking the answers to the big questions. General operating funds allow DCRCC to provide trauma-informed care. We incorporate knowledge about trauma – prevalence, impact, and recovery – in all aspects of service delivery, minimize re-victimization, and facilitate recovery and empowerment”.  [DONATE NOW]

$31 Answer the call for help – support 1 hour of the 24/7 Crisis Hotline. DCRCC volunteer advocates are a phone call away for immediate crisis intervention for survivors, family members and friends. A centralized telephone hotline available 24/7, staffed by qualified and trained personnel, DCRCC provides confidential, no cost services regardless of whether victims report to law enforcement. The Crisis Hotline provides information regarding medical treatment, reporting to law enforcement, assists with referrals for financial assistance and long term counseling services.  [DONATE NOW]

$ 75 A gift of $75 will help a survivor reconnect with their innate power. A gift of $75 covers the costs of an individual counseling session.  [DONATE NOW]

$150 A gift of $150 will help ten people stay tuned in and tapped in to LIFE. A gift of $150 covers the cost of a facilitated group counseling session. DCRCC specializes in providing culturally and linguistically competent therapeutic services for survivors of sexual assault who have identities rooted in an underserved community.  [DONATE NOW]

$450An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Adopt a School – Sponsor a Sister Action Sister Strength Club for Middle School Students will educate the next generation about the transformative principle of consent. A gift of $300 will cover the cost of a 4 week risk reduction program for children and provide for nutritious snacks.  [DONATE NOW]

$ 500 A gift of $500 will help save a person’s life. A gift of $500 will cover the cost of ten individual therapeutic sessions.  [DONATE NOW]

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