Philosophy of Care: The DCRCC Hotline Program exists to support and empower survivors of sexual violence. Individuals who have experienced any form of sexual violence have survived a profound violation which can lead to deep and difficult feelings. These feelings can impact a persons’ relationship with family, friends, partners, work and, importantly, the relationship to self.Our Hotline services use a survivor centered approach. At DCRCC this approach means intentionally focuses on empowering survivors to regain control over their lives, helping and facilitating choice through sharing knowledge of client’srights and options, understanding that knowledge is power, respecting the right to self-determination, and highlighting that all forms of oppression are connected. Whether you experienced sexual violence recently or decades ago, it is possible to heal and you are not alone. 


  • We believe in the capacity for every survivor to heal and thrive 
  • We are committed to the belief that all forms of oppression are linked, we value accessibility, cultural respect and understanding, as well as the empowerment of all people 
  • We respect the unique experiences of each survivor and believe that survivors are experts in their own experiences 
  • We support people to find their own power to improve the quality of their lives 
  • We believe that healing from sexual trauma is a series of journeys.  
  • We serve as guides assisting the survivor on the next part of their journey, providing them with tools and support, along with an invitation to hope, trust, and embrace their power. 
  • We act and advocate with authenticity and integrity by staying true to these core values in all we do

Who We Serve: The DC Rape Crisis Hotline serves survivors of sexual assault, their friends and relatives, and professionals that work with them. Many callers have histories of sexual assault, but choose to contact us years or even decades after the assault has occurred.

Get Services: The DCRCC hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (202) 333-7273.

Service Information: DCRCC hotline is anonymous and confidential, staffed 24/7 by advocates providing immediate crisis support and intervention to callers as well as referrals to resources.

We support people in all stages of their experience or healing. These services are available to survivors regardless of when their experience with sexual violence occurred, from immediately after an assault to decades into the healing process. Our crisis intervention advocates' main focus is to provide emotional support and help survivors build coping skills. They also offer referrals to services and explain the available resources. This includes the right to an advocate to accompany a survivor throughout the reporting process, accessing medical or forensic hospital care, and mental health supports.  You do not need to be in crisis to use the hotline for support or resources. Our advocates can support you at any time in your healing process, by providing support needed in the moment, helping identify and understanding options, and connecting to appropriate resources.